WhatsApp Web For Pc Free Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Web For Pc: Instant messaging applications (i.e whatsapp web at web.whatsapp.com) are a go to mode of communication and Whatsapp is the leading Instant Messaging application in the present day. Almost a billion people use Whatsapp web for pc download at web.whatsapp across 180 nations of the world. This messenger has gained wide popularity in the mass market within a very short period of time. Its interactive features and functionalities makes it a top choice among the users. This widely sought after instant messaging application is also available in the form of a web extension allowing you to get access to your Whatsapp Messenger account on your laptops and PCs. This web extension is available for Windows operating system and has not launched for iOS platform yet. Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp.com offers the similar features of the mobile application and has successfully made communication even more convenient for the users. With Whatsapp available on the web interface you can get access to your Whatsapp account anytime and from any device.

Download & Use Whatsapp Web For Pc:

Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp.com is an extension of your Whatsapp Messenger account. It mirrors your account on the web and seamlessly synchronizes all your chats so that get continue your conversation without any sort of interruption. This web extension can be accessed only via Google Chrome Browser and also need to have the latest version of Whatsapp on your phone plus you also need to be an existing user of Whatsapp. So in order to use the web version, you need to fulfill these criteria. Logging in to your web account is also relatively simple and with inclusion of Whatsapp on the web interface you can now communicate with your friends from your phone as well as computer.

Features of WhatsApp Web For Pc Application @web.whatsapp.com:

Whatsapp Web has almost all the features of the Whatsapp mobile application. Whatsapp Messenger users can now get access to their account on web and enjoy the features right from their laptop and PCs. Let’s take a look at the interactive features of Whatsapp Web for pc.

  1. Synchronization: Whatsapp Web synchronizes all the texts received seamlessly providing you with interrupted texting experience. Your chats are in sync with your mobile application so that you can carry on with your chats undisturbed.
  2. Media Sharing: Similar to the mobile application, the web extension also allows you to share media over your Whatsapp Web account. You can share any media like photos, videos, files and documents or spreadsheets right from your PC.
  3. Calling features: The web version also allows you to enjoy the voice calling and video calling features of the mobile application. You can make voice calls from your PC and also enjoy face time with the video calling feature via your computer’s Webcam. The web extension also lets you send audio and video messages in your text thread.
  4. Security: Whatsapp web at web.whatsapp.com adequately manages the privacy of their users. The data that you share over Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp is completely secure. These version similar to the mobile application uses end to end encryption which means the data that you share over this platform is only visible to the recipients and not to any third parties.
  5. Broadcast Messaging: similar to the mobile application this web extension also has the Broadcast messaging feature. With the help of this feature you can send a single message to all your Whatsapp contacts without creating a group or sending a single message repeatedly.

Limitations of WhatsApp Web i.e web.whatsapp :

Even though the web version allows you to have access to your account over the web, it also has certain limitations. These are the restrictions imposed on the web version:

  1. Whatsapp Web for pc download is not available for iOS platform. This version only runs on Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems.
  2. This version only runs on Google Chrome browser. Any other browser is not supported by Whatsapp web. So if you wish to connect to your account from your computers than you need to download and install Google Chrome on your device.
  3. Also you need to have the latest updated version of Whatsapp Messenger on your phone otherwise you won’t be able to run your account on web.
  4. You need to be an existing Whatsapp user in order to use the web account. As this web version is an extension of your mobile account so you cannot create a new account on the web version.
  5. To get access to your account on the web at web.whatsapp.com you also need to have a steady and continuous internet connection.
  6. The web version doesn’t let you create a new group chat, even though you can participate in one. You also cannot delete an existing group from the web version. You can do that only from your mobile account.
  7. You can’t block contacts or change your display pictures from your web account. These features are only available on the mobile application.
  8. Even though you can share media over the web platform but unlike the mobile application you won’t be able to share any contacts or your live location over Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp.com.

Highlights of  Whatsapp Web Download For Pc , Windows:

Using Whatsapp on the web interface has some striking highlights. It definitely makes the communication more convenient. Let us take a look at the highlights of using Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp .

  1. Whatsapp now available in the web interface lets you download media directly on your computer that saves you the hassle of data transfer from mobile to desktop devices.
  2. You use your computer keyboard while typing out messages on Whatsapp Web which makes typing more easy and convenient.
  3. The web account is not a single device limited. You can connect to the Whatsapp web account from as many devices as possible so that you get to use your account from any device you want.
  4. You can participate in the group chats from your web account and share messages and media within the message thread.
  5. Similar to the mobile application, the web account also provides you with the feature of muting sounds and notification alerts of Whatsapp.
  6. You can send any kind of media over this platform including photos and documents. Moreover, the web version also allows you to send audio recordings within your chat thread.
  7. Similar to your Whatsapp mobile account the chats in your web account are also end to end encrypted allowing you complete security over data sharing.

How To Login In To Whatsapp Web:

Logging in to your Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp account is pretty simple and hassle free. Logging in to your account on the web gives you access to all the features of the Whatsapp on your computer. Follow this simple step by step guide to login to your account on the web.

Step 1: To use the Whatsapp web extension you need to have the Google Chrome browser on your device. Go to Google Chrome web browser from your device and in the URL bar enter the address of Whatsapp Web for pchomepage and click ‘Enter’.

Step 2: You will be directed to the Whatsapp Web homepage i.e web.whatsapp.com with a huge QR code displayed on the screen in order to use your account, you need to scan and verify this code.

Step 3: This code can be scanned using the Whatsapp QR code scanner available on your mobile application. To scan the code, open Whatsapp Messenger on your phone and go to Settings Whatsapp Web. A QR code scanner will pop up on your screen.

Step 4: Use this code scanner to verify the QR code displayed on your computer screen. Direct your phone’s camera so that it accurately covers the QR code and then scan it.

Step 5: Once the code is scanned and verified you can get access to your Whatsapp account on the web. This account is synchronized with your mobile application, so that you can start communicating with your Whatsapp contacts without losing any of your messaging threads.

Step 6: Whatsapp Web at web.whatsapp follows a temporary login protocol. So you may need to scan the QR code once again to get access to your web account.

WhatsApp web for pc Messenger serves as a great alternative to SMS and now its availability on the web makes it even more convenient for its users. The multi device accessibility makes it a worthy choice among the users. The availability of this popular Instant Messaging application in the web domain removes all the barriers of communication. The users can get access to their account from any device they prefer and continue on with their conversation. Launched in the web interface Whatsapp has succeeded in providing its users with a quality communication experience.


Whatsapp For iPad Latest Version

Whatsapp For iPad: Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging application in the present day and is used widely across the world as a means for quick communication. It is a cross platform application that runs on multiple OS like Android, iOS and Windows etc. You can also download this popular application on your iPad with the necessary technical knowledge. In this article we will discuss about how you can download Whatsapp on your iPad.

Features of Whatsapp For iPad:

Whatsapp can be downloaded and used on iPad and it will have all the cool features of Whatsapp mobile application.

  1. Media Sharing: You can share media from Whatsapp on your iPad. Send photos and videos directly from your iPad to your contacts.
  2. Security: The security features are same as that of Whatsapp Messenger. Your chats will be end to end encrypted which means your messages will be exclusive between you and other recipient without any third- party interference.
  3. Calling: Whatsapp offers you the voice calling and video calling feature which are completely free. You can make calls to any other Whatsapp user in any part of the country or overseas for free.
  4. Group Chat: You can also participate in group chats and share media within the message field. This feature will let you connect with a number of people all at once.
  5. Broadcast message: Broadcast messaging is another great feature of Whatsapp that enables a user to send a message to all of their contacts at once without creating any groups. This saves you the trouble of sending the same text message repeatedly.

How to Install Whatsapp on iPad:

Whatsapp can be installed on iPad with a little technical knowledge and guidance. To install Whatsapp on your iPad follow this step by step guide:

    1. First of all you need to have a jail broken device and then you have to open Cydia and then you have to go to search tab and you have to search Whatspad there.


  • Then open it and click on Install and then Confirm. It will take some time to download and install Whatspad.
  • Cydia will then ask you to reboot your device. Just tap on it and wait for your device to completely reboot.
  • Once your device is rebooted you have to now connect your device with a computer with an USB cable.
  • Now on your computer, first of all you to go to iFunbox website and download iFunbox from there.
  • Now once the download is completed, place the downloaded file on desktop and extract it using an extracting tool.
  • Now, you have to download Whatsapp IPA file. You can download and purchase it from the iTunes website.
  • Now open iFunbox. It will show your connected device. Click on it and then on your iPad click on install IPA file and then on the browser downloaded IPA file. It will take some time to install Whatsapp.
  • Once Whatsapp has installed iFunbox will notify about it then you to quit iFunbox and open Whatsapp on your iPad.
  • Now you just have to insert your phone number to start using Whatsapp on your iPad.